Darling Downs

Nestled deep in the Blue Ridge mountains, Darling Downs writes a slew of country and bluegrass ditties as well as more rock and roll and ethereally leaning tunes. Listen and enjoy!

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Track Name: The Stranger
"...you were so friendly as the days went by, now I'm a stranger in your eyes..."
Track Name: Change Your Mind
"...but theres no receiving a heart set on grieving. We'd be just fine though, if I could change your mind..."
Track Name: Home I
"...I live that I lay the road, and I walk with a hole in my shoe, and I win for the love I know..."
Track Name: Weepin'
"...I end up here beneath the same ol' weeping willow; Weeping arms to hide the longing of the night..."
Track Name: Say What You Need To
"...just say what you mean, you know that you need to be simple with me..."
Track Name: She's Everything
"...ain't she the coolest drink on the hottest day, sweeter than lemonade..."
Track Name: Dippin'
"...I ain't callin' on parliament to take my woes apart. I ain't callin' on robber barons to have a bleeding heart..."
Track Name: A Man of Sorrow
"...I prayed by mistake to be made in His image, so now I must wander on my knees..."
Track Name: Tennessee Waltz
"...I remember the night, and the Tennessee Waltz, now I know just how much I have lost..."